Philadelphia's Premier Home Care Provider

Eudora Total Care Perks

  • Weekly Direct Deposit
  • Caregiver Chooses Own Payday
  • Emergency Daily Pay Option For Special Cases (receive your net pay daily via ADP exactly 7 minutes after clocking out using the EVV System)
  • Monthly Beautification Stipend
  • Monthly laundry service(5 bag maximum)
  • Notary services free of charge
  • Bi-Weekly PPE equipment delivery (facemasks, gloves, hand sanitizer)
  • Care Giver Monthly background check for all clients
  • Apple watch 6 or Samsung Galaxy watch for all non waiver clients with appropriate care plan
  • Healthcare Benefits (Medical/Dental/Vision)
  • T-Mobile Program (Cellular/Internet Service)
  • Statefarm Life Insurance Program (with burial)
  • Renter’s Insurance Program
  • PA MMAP Partnership


And much much more! Text or call today for more info 1-888-838-3672.